Recruiting Process

Job Description and Company Alignment

The Hiring Company and Job Description are thoroughly discussed with each candidate so that they can assess the company and the opportunity, allowing them to understand the value proposition for their career and the job’s goals, as well as their desire to join the company.

Screening for Initial Requirements

Each Candidate’s assessment originates with an essential matching and understanding of the candidate’s skills, technical expertise, level of education, job responsibilities, track record of accomplishments, industry knowledge, years of relevant experience and career background information.

Candidate’s Success Profile

Each candidate is further vetted for the strengths that they bring to the position, their specific career goals and their view of success as a leader, an individual contributor and as a team member. A thorough review is conducted of the candidate’s current and relevant employment, responsibilities, job accomplishments including most challenging problems that they encountered and overcame. Behavioral questions are aimed at eliciting specific examples and stories about key attributes of the position in order to vet the candidate’s experience, understand their ability to articulate specific information and fulfill the requirement of the role.

Reference Checking

References are provided as directed by the client to confirm that a candidate’s skills, experience and previous responsibilities meet minimum standards and requirements.

Candidate Submission

All qualifying information is submitted by our Cloud Services and UCaaS recruiting team for review to the appropriate hiring HR Directors/Managers. Client protocol is followed for the initiation of candidate interviews, feedback, follow up activities and final completion of the hiring process. This is a dynamic process and Burrell Associates UCaaS recruiting partners with Client and hiring leadership to maintain and align any changes in job requirements and responsibilities in order to meet hiring timelines and provide the highest qualified candidate for the position.